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  • Clara Glitzy Angel
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  • Clara - Glitzy Angel
    Clara - Glitzy Angel

    Hi Laura, one of the girls in the office has this corset and she wears it with skinny jeans and platforms, and it looks great! Or if you want a more dressed up look, you could go for a short frill/layered skirt. xx

  • Laura

    Hi, I’m buying the cream pleated Lipsy corset but and wondering what I should wear it with?? Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks

  • Carrie

    wow! luvin your little zack and Max C collections. so cute.

  • Clara (online style advisor)
    Clara (online style advisor)

    We do try to keep postage as low and as fair as possible. Hope this makes everyone happy!

    Look out for new arrivals soon – hopefully some cute new dresses from TFNC or maybe a whole new brand!

    Clara xx

  • Kelly

    think the postage price is great on glitzy a, perfect for ireland, we can’t get anything sent to here for so little and it seems much quicker also??? dresses are well varied something for all

  • Clara (online style advisor)
    Clara (online style advisor)

    Hey everyone,
    We luv Lipsy too!
    Not sure if we can get more of the Ric Rac dress soon, they’re selling out everywhere and we only have a few of the other sizes left! If you let me know that you still want one I can email you when I get some more info.
    Hope we can. The Pleated Corset Chiffon Lipsy dress is really going down well everywhere too!

    Clara xx

  • sarah

    like the lipsy dresses, are you getting any more size 10 in the ric rac dress soon? it says sold out,i want one… or maybe the corset style one that’s luvly i think

  • leanne

    luvin wal g and all the styles are perfect, keep doin what ur doin!

  • Clara (online style advisor)
    Clara (online style advisor)

    Hey Tammy,
    Thanks – we do our best to keep a few weeks ahead of the High Street and to watch out for hot new styles and brands.
    We can keep the prices down as that’s what makes us so good for our customers!

    Clara xx

  • Tammy

    Hi clara / glitzy angel
    Thanks for sending the dress so quick and for replying to my questions. I do really like the website and dresses and the prices are so good too. hope you can publish this comment. think that all the brands are the best ones.

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