Cookies, UK Websites, and the ICO

Did you know that in May 2012 the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the United Kingdom began enforcing a new law to do with cookies? The law is supposed to help educate internet users about cookies, protect them from unwanted marketing, and safeguard their privacy. The law currently applies to websites based in the United Kingdom only, but a similar law may soon apply to websites based in other countries.

Please note that is based in the United Kingdom and therefore strictly obeys the ICO and other governing bodies.

What Are Cookies?
A cookie is a small file that is downloaded onto your computer when you visit a website. It allows the website to recognise and tailor the site, to make sure that it is displayed in the best way. It does not harm or affect your computer in anyway.

Opting Out of Cookies
If you prefer, you can restrict, block or delete cookies by changing your browser settings. However, that may mean that you will not be able to fully use websites such as, meaning that you may not be able to make purchases or post comments on blogs etc. You may not be able to use most other websites properly.

We respect your privacy
We only use cookies to provide basic and default instructions to your browser so that our website is displayed properly. We do not impose on your privacy or collect information for any marketing purpose.

If you have any questions about cookies used by or if you wish to enquire about any similar issue you can simply contact Glitzy Angel and we would be happy to provide further information.

Cookies that may be used by

Purpose Data Kind Sessional or Persistent?
_shopify_visit &
Checks the number of visits to our website None Persistent for 30 minutes from the last visit
_shopify_uniq &
Counts the number of visits to a store by a single customer None Expires midnight (relative to the visitor) of the next day
Collects information about the contents of your shopping bag when you start making an order Unique token Persistent for 2 weeks
Stores session information for the checkout process Unique token Sessional
Allows to check information about your session (landing page, etc) Unique token Sessional