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Photography in Scotland - Fashion Photography

Wherever you are these days you're not far away from a digital camera. But if you have a D-SLR and are already a reasonable photographer, how about directing your skills and thoughts towards the world of fashion? Fashion photography is not the same as other types of photography. It's a mixture of creativity and good camera skills, but there's also a slightly different theme from what you might be used to.

Getting started with Fashion Photography
You may now know that is one of the fastest-growing and most popular independent fashion websites, and now one of the most successful in the UK. Our strength has come from strict focus on key trends and styles and being weeks ahead of other stores. Being based in Scotland, we have also strived to provide fast delivery of glamorous dresses to remote areas of the country - places where you just may not be able to get what you want locally. We also work hard to help our customers with sizing and providing what we believe is an altogether excellent service. The growth of Glitzy Angel has only come from many years of hard work and commitment!

Photography with Glitzy Angel
We are regularly organising photoshoots for our fashion. This often involves a trip to a glamorous castle or beautiful country location. Our team likes to make good use of the amazing scenery around us and we believe this makes a little more interesting. So, if any budding photographers wish to join us on our shoots, then they are very welcome to come along. We are a small team and so directing a shoot and looking after our wardrobe and glamorous models on location is a lot of work for us - help is always appreciated!

Contact us
You can get in touch by email - - to enquire about our photoshoots and fashion events. We are always looking for:

  • Photographers
  • Models
  • Hair stylists and make-up artists
  • Venues - such as fancy hotels looking for some good photography for their brochure

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