Order Satisfaction Survey

Please tell us about your experience with Glitzy Angel. You can answer as much or as little as you like.


Please tell us how you came to glitzyangel.co.uk for your recent order
(select all that apply)
 I found glitzyangel.co.uk from a search engine (Google, Google Shopping, Bing, Yahoo, ...etc) 
 I had heard of Glitzy Angel before I made this order 
 I clicked on a link on Facebook or Twitter to get to the website 
 I saw Glitzy Angel on ASOS or Sense of Fashion 
 I was searching for a certain brand or style of dress and I noticed something I liked on glitzyangel.co.uk 
 I was shopping for someone else (family, present for friend, ...etc) 
 I noticed that glitzyangel.co.uk was cheaper than elsewhere 
 I knew that glitzyangel.co.uk was good for discounts on the latest fashion from brands such as Lipsy, Elise Ryan and John Zack 
Please tell us about your experience once on glitzyangel.co.uk
(select all that apply)
 I went straight to the product I wanted and didn't spend much time looking around the website 
 I liked the way the products were described and pictured 
 The sizing advice was helpful 
 There was something I wanted to ask but didn't 
 I found the website easy to use 
 I noticed that glitzyangel.co.uk had a lot of the latest styles 
 I knew that glitzyangel.co.uk was secure and reliable 
 The website seemed to load faster than most other online stores 
 The checkout process was quick and simple 
 I felt that I was getting a good deal 
 I knew that if I contacted Glitzy Angel I would get a quick and helpful repsonse 
Please tell us about the product(s) and service you received
(select all that apply)
 My product arrived within 1 day 
 I was impressed with the speed of delivery 
 Everything was as I expected 
 I found the sizing advice to be accurate 
 The product I received was right for me 
Please tell us about the following
(select all that apply)
 I follow Glitzy Angel on Facebook or Twitter 
 I was happy to accept marketing at the checkout during an order and I am happy that Glitzy Angel will occasionally email special offers, discount codes and style updates 
 I am glad that I will only receive these emails once or twice every season 
 I would like to receive these emails more often 
 I chose not to receive marketing or I cannot remember if I did, but I would now like to receive special offers, discount codes and style updates 
Nearly finished
 I think glitzyangel.co.uk is one of the best fashion websites 
 I would recommend glitzyangel.co.uk for a quick fashion fix 
 My friends will hear about Glitzy Angel 
 I will visit glitzyangel.co.uk again when I am looking for a dress in the future 
 I intend to use my discount code 
 I will give my discount code to friends 
Overall, I would say the following best describes my experience with Glitzy Angel
 I was very happy with my order 
 I was quite happy with my order 
 I was unhappy with my order 
I have a comment
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 I don't mind 
 I don't want any of this to be shown as feedback 

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