Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott - Popstar & Inspiration for Lipsy Dresses

The singer-songwriter, dancer and actress Pixie Lott (Victoria Louise Lott) is one of the most successful British popstars of recent years. Pixie Lott reached number 1 in the UK charts with her first single "Mama Do" at the age of only 18.

Pixie Lott's second single "Boys and Girls" also topped the UK charts shortly afterwards, in September 2009. Pixie's album "Turn It Up" reached number 6 in the UK Albums Chart (with 5 consecutive Top 20 singles) and this Pixie Lott album has been certified double platinum after spending almost an entire year on the charts.

In 2010, 19-year-old Pixie Lott teamed up with Lipsy to create a range of party dresses and festival wear. The range was an immediate success for Pixie and Lipsy. Glitzy Angel was one of the main outlets supporting Pixie Lipsy range of gorgeous party dresses and cute festival outfits. The Autumn/Winter range was released later in 2010 and was a massive hit for Lipsy and the official outlets such as Glitzy Angel.

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