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Privacy Policy

1.1 may request personal data from you to enable us to complete a transaction. Only personal data that is necessary to complete the transaction will be asked for. Your personal data is 100% safe and secure when used by us to process your order.

1.2 Your banking details will only be required by the secure payment system that you have used for your order, and therefore we will have no access to your banking details and will not ask for them or be able to store them in any way.

1.3 We will require a name and postal address to dispatch your order. Personal data collected will not be used for any purpose other than to complete your order, and will not be passed on by us to any other company, organisation or individual, unless instructed to do so by law.

1.4 If you accepted our marketing (at the checkout stage during an order) we may email occasional updates about new styles and special offers. You can opt out of this by simply replying to an email with 'opt out' or words to that effect. We do not email very often and the emails that we do send contain discount codes.

2. Malicious Behaviour

2.1 We will pursue full legal action against individuals or organisations who maliciously or purposefully act in a way to disrupt our customers, suppliers, associates or our business. This includes any unlawful or malicious action to commit fraud, damage or disrupt our website or day-to-day business, or that of our customers, suppliers or associates. Use of ‘spam’ or any form of computer virus or malicious software used to affect our website or our operations constitutes as an offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

3. Ownership Rights & Copyright

3.1 and all of its content is protected by copyright. The content shall remain our property and can only be used subject to our approval. Use of our suppliers images or descriptions is in exclusive agreement with them and does not entitle further use by a third party. Copying or other unauthorised use of any content on this website, such as but not limited to images and product descriptions, is therefore not permitted. You are in breach of copyright and risk prosecution if you copy any of our content for, but not limited to, commercial use, such as the use of product images or descriptions on other websites. This applies in particular to the use of images or content for the purpose of trading on eBay.

3.2 Any attempt to copy, reproduce, display, exploit commercially or use any part of this website to form any part of another website is not permitted. Contravention of this will be acted upon immediately with the full support of Trading Standards and to the full extent of British Law.